Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before booking. Any charges that could potentially apply to you are highlighted.



Our booking form must be completed and a deposit of 50% will need to be paid on booking, this is non refundable. Unless a deposit payment has been made, your booking may not be confirmed.

Confirmation of your booking will then be posted or e-mailed. The balance of the rental cost will need to be paid by cash, cheque, credit or debit card prior to, but no later than 6 weeks before departure.

Early Booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

Cancellation Charges


Time of Booking – 6 weeks – loss of deposit
6 weeks – No Show – 100% of total hire charge

Overseas Travel


The hirer may travel in any European countries with the exception of Turkey or in any war or disaster zones. There will be an extra insurance charge for European Travel.

If traveling to Europe please ensure the vehicle has the correct level of breakdown cover.

To comply with EU traffic regulations, you are advised to obtain an EU travel kit usually available from the outbound port/ ferry terminal.

The hirer will not remove the vehicle out of the UK mainland unless agreed prior to the hire.



If, due to circumstances beyond our control, the motorhome is not available, we reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative motorhome. If this is not acceptable, or another motorhome is not available, the liability will be limited to a refund of monies paid, less the deposit and the hirer shall have no further claims.

Hirer’s Responsibilities


The hirer is responsible for any traffic offences committed against the Road Traffic Act, e.g. speeding, parking fines or congestion charges, whilst the vehicle is on hire from us. The paper work will be handed to the police or any other relevant authorities and kept on record by for a period of 12 months. Any traffic offences incurred are subject to an admin fee of £30.

Checks: fluid levels, tyre pressures etc. Any punctures or tyre damage are at the hires expense. Whilst the vehicle is in motion, passengers must be seated in designated seats wearing seat belts. Gas must be turned off and any items not bolted down, made secure i.e. television/ DVD/ cooker lid/ drawers/ cupboard doors etc.

NOTE: The hirer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle up to the insurance excess. e.g. wing mirrors; tyres; windscreen; lights etc.

NOTE: Under no circumstances will the hirer sub-let/ hire the motorhome to any third parties. This will be regarded as breach of contract and offenders will be prosecuted.

The hirer will not carry more passengers than the seating capacity allowed or allow the vehicle to be overloaded.

Our motorhomes have full breakdown cover and recovery. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, the hirer must seek the help of the appropriate breakdown company quoting the registration number of the vehicle. Also inform us of the breakdown.

NOTE: The motorhome insurance does not cover your personal properties and/or possessions and you are advised to arrange your own personal holiday insurance.

The chemical toilet and the waste water tank must be emptied and cleaned for the motorhomes return; a charge of £50 will be incurred by the hirer if this is not done. There will be cleaning materials and chemical toilet flush provided.



On collection of the motorhome the hirer i.e. first driver, will need to present their drivers licence, (both parts if new style photo card licence) and also two additional forms of identification: photo ID and one recent utility bill showing name and current address.

Drivers must be aged over 30 and in good health and have held a full licence for a min. of 5 years. No one other than the drivers named in the insurance proposal form may drive the vehicle.

The vehicle is insured for the period of hire contracted only, thus late return of the vehicle may incur a traffic offence under the road traffic act. Hirer’s are advised to return the vehicle by the agreed time.

There is free parking available at the collection location for the period of the hire. This will be at the owners own risk.



The vehicle must be locked when unattended and the ignition key must be removed when the motorhome is parked up or not being driven.



In case of accidents or damage your liability is to pay the insurance excess per accident or incident. If the cost of repairing damages in relation to any given incident should exceed this amount, we reserve the right to any amount up to the insurance excess along with any associated costs against the hirers credit/ debit card provided. Accepting these terms indicates authorization to the Lessor to be able to follow this process if required. Damage caused to tyres, wheels, wing mirrors, glass, underside of the vehicle, or to the filling up with the wrong type of fuel, will be the hirer’s responsibility. In the case of damage due to negligence or damage to the interior the full cost of rectification will be charged to the hirer.



We are happy to include your dog at a small cost of £20. However, if upon return any valeting is necessary there will be a further charge of up to £50



For all our vehicles the company operates a strictly no smoking policy and no naked flames within the vehicle.